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Our cocktail specialists will be delighted to introduce you to our unique and creative cocktails, which are sure to leave a lasting impression.


Aperol Spritz

Aperol, prosecco, soda

Bloddy Bubbles

42 below vodka, orange liqueur, grapefruit, fresh lime juice, vanilla, tonic water

Stolen Dance

Bombay sapphire gin, elderflower, fresh lime juice, cucumber, Prosecco

Italian 75

Limoncello, fresh lime juice, Prosecco


Sea of Flavor

Bacardi, vanilla syrup, ginger, passion fruit puree, dash orange bitter

Jam Bramble

Bombay sapphire gin, blackberry puree, fresh lemon juice, myrtle liquer

Smoky Caramel

Cazadores tequila, lime juice, honeyginger syrup, salted caramel liquer

Mastic Tears Cream

mastic liquer, cranberry juice, Otto's Vermouth, Cream

Azur Margarita

Cazadores tequila, salted caramel, lime juice, triple sec, Blue Curacao

Salty Rum

blended of rum (50% Bacardi – 50% Sailor Jerry), mango, cucumber, lime juice

Silver Pineapple

Bacardi, Pineapple, Sauvignon Blanc

Sour for Sure

42 below vodka, apple sour, passion fruit purée, fresh lime juice

Great Sunset

Bombay sapphire gin, pomegranate, chili, basil leaves, fresh lime juice pink grapefruit soda

Old Fashion Rum

Bacardi spiced, Salted Caramel, Orange Bitters

Old Fashion

Bourbon whiskey, simple syrup, dash Angostura

Negroni Rosato

Cooked Campari , Bombay sapphire gin


Strawberry Kiss

strawberry puree, pineapple juice, fresh lemon-lime juice, soda water

Earth Watermelon

watermelon purée, agave syrup, fresh lemon-lime juice, sparkling water

Tropical Summer

pineapple juice, green apple purée, fresh lemon-lime juice

Ice Tea Strawberry & Ginger

green tea, fresh ginger, strawberries, fresh lime, soda water

Ice Tea Orange

black tea, cardamon lobe, soda water